Frank Gore: Continues to Defy Odds as he Etches his  Name Higher up the List of the All-Time Rushing Leaders

In December 2016, Gore became the oldest running back since 1984 to rush for over 1,000 yards. He will turn thirty-four in May and still shows no signs of slowing down, as he appears to still be the bell cow running back in Indy.

For seven or eight years now, people have been saying that “this is the year” the tires will fall off and Gore will be done. However, the bruising back just keeps rolling. He’s never been real flashy, averaging 1,089 yards and 6 tushing TDs per  season, but he is extremely consistent. He has rushed for no less than 867 yards in the last eleven years and yet NFL fans seem very unimpressed. Maybe they’ve just been waiting for a repeat of his breakout year in 2006, when he rushed for 1,695 yards. 

Although he hasn’t ever really even approached that number since, Gore just needs to average his yearly total again to finish this season with the fourth most rushing yards of any running back in history. Currently sitting at number eight all-time with 13,065 rushing yards, another season of 1,089  yards would leave him fourth behind Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith. 

As unspectacular as his regular season numbers have been, Gore is a game changer who can steal the momentum for his team with one big run. With another year’s worth of experience for this young Colts offensive line, its possible that his numbers will grow even more in his third year in Indianapolis. The only hurdle I see  for him continuing his stellar career, would be if Indy grabs one of the young guys in the draft and decides to try and turn him loose in his rookie year.

Either way there are most definitely going to be doubters who will make a lot of noise and just like he has for the last decade or so, Gore will do his best to silence them again.


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