What’s better ?


This is a question people ask ALLLLLL THE TIIIIIME.  And it’s actually a question nobody can give a definite answer for unless they have all of your facts!  What are your goals?  What have you been doing thus far and how has it changed your body?  How is your diet?  What is your medical history?  Most people, in fact, can benefit from a balance of the two.

I USED to be a “cardio queen”; doing TONS and TONS of cardio.  Sometimes, I was TRYING to make up for a less than stellar diet; sometimes, I was trying to see HOW HARD I could push myself… But, realistically, what I was doing to my body was most likely BURNING OFF THE MUSCLE I had worked so hard for in the weight room!  Now that I am more educated and have been through YEARS of trial and error, I learned that I need to WORK WITH my body instead of fighting against it!

I hear women ALL THE TIME say they “don’t wanna get bulky”, or be a bodybuilder, so they shy away from weight lifting altogether which is a HUGE mistake!  The women who are “bulky” and muscular have gotten that way BY CHOICE and have worked toward that FOR YEARS!  The average woman who just starts a strength training program DOES NOT have the testosterone or the diet to suddenly blow up and become a she-hulk in a few weeks!   What you are doing by lifting weights is tearing the muscle fibers and allowing them to rebuild (with eating and recovery time) stronger and more dense. You are building LEAN MASS, which, in turn, cranks up your metabolism so you are burning MORE CALORIES even while at rest.   Fat is sitting there, doing nothing.  LEAN MASS is burning calories !   SO….why would you NOT want lean mass on your body?

If you are a person who LOVES to run or walk, or hike…I recommend taking some sort of amino acid (BCAAS) supplement to help you HOLD ON to your muscle while doing all that cardio!  I, personally, like to drink aminos during and immediately following a workout !  They help your muscles recover, aid in muscle soreness, play an important role in muscle and energy production during exercise, and improve glucose uptake!

So, my answer to this age-old question is : BOTH!  You can manipulate better results by trying different programs and finding WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOUR BODY!  There is no cookie-cutter program that will indefinitely work for every body, and if someone tells you there is, THEY ARE LYING!


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