The Packers Have a Need at Cornerback and a Knack for Returning Players to Stellar Form

Darelle Revis is without a doubt one of the most dominant players to play his positionor any position in the NFL for that matter. Being covered by him was so intimidating, as a matter of fact, that people likened it to be stranded in the middle of the ocean. 

In reality, “Revis Island” was so barren that even the thought of a quarterback throwing in his direction was huge news. Before most of his games, the analysts would point out the receiver they thought he would be covering and then they wouldn’t talk about him anymore because he was no longer relevant. Revis is a player that could literally erase a player from the game. Unless they were extremely brave or a bit crazy, most quarterbacks wouldn’t even throw to his side of the field. 

That is exactly what Green Bay needed last season. A guy who could lock down the other team’s best receiver and challenge their quarterback a bit. Instead, it was basically “Bombs Away” as the Packers were down to their fourth string corner at times.

In the beginning of the season, the Packers were one of the best teams against the run statistically, but that was mainly due to the fact that it was so easy to throw the ball against them, there was really no reason to run.

It’s no secret that Revis doesn’t strike the same type of fear in opponent’s hearts as he used to and people are starting to believe that not only has he lost a step but he’s fallen apart completely. His altercation a couple of weeks ago, when he allegedly committed multiple felonies, seems to be proof of that.

None of that adds up though if you actually do the math. Revis is barely a year removed from his last Pro Bowl and two years from winning the Super Bowl, and he is only 31 years old.
 Now swing back to 2006 when nobody wanted to sign Charles Woodson because he was about to turn 30 years old and was definitely on the last leg of his career. Right? As a matter of fact, he was just starting a career that would last 10 more years after the Packers took a “risk” on him in free agency. The problem wasn’t Woodson, it was the team he was on. I’m thinking it’s the same exact thing with Revis. Yeah, the Jets showed promise in 2015, but then…

Ironically, when Woodson left the Packers people started pointing fingers at Dom Capers and blaming him for the Packers defensive shortcomings. However, if you follow the Packers closely you know that their defense is set up to interact with the offense and only works correctly with the proper personnel. Basically, the offense gets the lead and puts the other team in a position to play catch-up. Thus, they set up the Packers opportunistic defense to be able to cause mistakes and torment opposing teams. However, like a stripped down race car, this defense doesn’t operate well without the proper pieces.

If I’m building a race car, Revis is exactly the type of engine I want to build around.

And just remember, in this day and age a shutdown corner isn’t as important as it once was. Just like they did with Woodson, the Packers could move him around until they found a spot that felt comfortable for him and when they do, they could possibly extend his career another 10 years as well.
The other issue to consider is his legal problems. However, Green Bay just so happens to be the perfect place for that. They have plenty of guys who get in trouble there but with their squeaky clean image, things get swept under the rug so quickly that nobody even remembers that anything happened. 

If the Packers stay true to form in Free Agency, they will wait till everyone else has made a huge splash and dropped a ton of cash right away and about the time you think it’s over they will make their move. I have a feeling there won’t be a ton of teams knocking on Revis’ door, so the Packers will be able to sneak in with an incentive laden contract and sweep him up as a great addition to a young secondary desperately in need of veteran leadership. Being a mentor may just be the balance that helps Revis readjust his game and fall back in to his role as a superstar for the next decade.


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