Regrettably, Shaq’s The Fool

Isn’t it time that TNT moves on from Shaquille O’Neal?  We all know he was a tremendous Center who won NBA Championships. He is a Hall of Famer as well but his latest swipes at Golden State Warriors’ Center JaVale McGee are not acceptable at all.  Going into this season, McGee was best known as the two-time MVP winner of the Shaqtin’ a  Fool Award. That’s  not what an NBA player wants to be known for.  McGee was added to the Warriors roster and most experts didn’t expect much from him, but he’s surprised everyone so far by providing the one thing that many thought could be the Warriors’ Achilles Heel, rim protection.

Although O’Neal has continued to go after McGee at times, it was so strange and out of the blue that O’Neal picked Thursday night to play a video ridiculing McGee yet again, with clips of plays from previous years (not this season!).  It’s no wonder that Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant stood up for McGee in front of reporters.  Kerr even mentioned that “he had a preconceived notion of JaVale before he got here due to the Shaqtin’ a Fool segments in the past, which means that McGee has certainly been hurt career-wise by it.  That’s sad and shouldn’t the head of NBPA Michele Roberts be looking into that?

JaVale McGee didn’t go to a top college hoops powerhouse (Nevada) and wasn’t a lottery draft pick (#18).  Although he showed promise his first few seasons, he’s been kicked around the league and is on his 5th franchise.  This is the man Shaq tweeted “don’t be acting like u a g I’ll smack the s**t out yo bum ass u da one that be looking stupid with your dumb ass”.  How does TNT and the NBA tolerate this?  I know the NBA has always had trash talking on the court, but can you imagine a former player/now announcer like an ARod tweeting he’s gonna beat down Kris Bryant or Rhonde Barber going on Facebook to tell everyone he’s gonna punch out Josh Norman?  Shaquille really pushed the envelope a few years back with Dwight Howard, but he’s gone way to far now.

O’Neal hasn’t let up and recently posted  “America meet Javale BUM’ McGee” with a picture of McGee living on the street.  Wow, that’s reached another level altogether. According to the Undefeated, JaVale’s mother, former WNBA player Pam McGee, is saying O’Neal’s behavior is “bullying”and he should be fired. O’Neal is now claiming (again on the Undefeated) that he gonna stop his Twitter war with McGee because his mother has told him to do.

Where was TNT or the NBA on all this?  How have they sat by idly, not a single comment, or not take any action?  Their silence means this is all okay for them (plus it also shows they won’t support a regular player against a star).  We’ve all enjoyed Shaq’s career and we’ve enjoyed how he pokes fun at players at times (certainly not this time). Thankfully his movie career seems to be over and his career with TNT should be too.


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