Greatest Sports Movies Ever. Part 1, Comedy 

With the NFL over and the NBA and NHL in their winter doldrums you might be going into sports withdrawal. Well luckily Hollywood has come to the rescue. There are a plethora of Sports Themed Movies to pick from.

I’m going to be going over my picks as the 20 best comedy sports movies and the 20 best sports dramas. In Part 1 we will examine the comedies. There are several borderline movies, (white men can’t jump or bull Durham for example) that were hard to place. You may see them show up on both lists.

Honorable mentions. The Replacements, Kicking and Screaming, Blades of Glory, Balls of Fury, The 6th Man, Celtic Pride, and  Major League 2.

20. Bull Durham – I have problems finding Kevin Costner funny. I don’t have any problem finding Tim Robins funny though. Especially pitching in garter belts.

19.  Necessary Roughness – The biggest problem with this movie is Ziggy doesn’t show up and help Sam leap at the end.

18. Tin Cup – Cheech Marin is a comedy god.

17. Wildcats – if only they had given Wesley and Woody more lines.

16. Talladega Nights (the ballad of Ricky Bobbie) – One of the most quotable movies ever.  Afterword we can go get some of those really thin pancakes. I refuse to call them crepes though. Race you there, if you aint first you’re last.

15. The Longest Yard (Sandler remake) -Adam Sandler makes the first of  three appearances on the list, but this movie makes the list primarily due to the brilliance of Chris Rock and the rest of the ensemble cast.

14. The Longest Yard (original) – The original is just better.

13.. BASEketball – The Milwaukee Beers and the Dallas Felons. The two greatest names of a sports franchise to ever be conceived.

12. Dodgeball – If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge people that drink their own urine because they like the taste.

11. Semi-Pro – That’s right love me sexy. Coffee Black humiliating the Spurs is almost as much fun as Woody Harrelson being traded for a broken washing machine.

10. The Waterboy – Mama said that you only like the movie because of the Fonz. Everyone who has ever stolen L.T.’s car would disagree.

9. Spacejam Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Bill muthatrucking Murray. Bugs Bunny. And that one guy form Seinfeld…..

8. The Bad News Bears. If it wasn’t for the fact it feels slightly dated now, it would be much higher. Walter mathau and Tatum O’Neal are amazing.

7. Cool Runnings – Some people say no they cant believe. There is a Jamaican bobsled team. You alive Sanka ? No mon! So feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on team its bobsled time…

6. Kingpin. Bill Murray’s hair is worth this spot alone.

5. Major League I’m pretty sure this is actually a thinly veiled biopic of the the Selig owned Milwaukee brewers.

4. Slapshot. The Hanson brothers. The real Hanson brothers no um bop here.

3. Happy Gilmore – What is it about golf that lends itself so brilliantly to comedy? Our hockey playing hero just wants to save his Grandmas house so that Ben Stiller will stop torturing her (if only we can get Ben to stop torturing us, we don’t need to meet anymore Fockers dammit) The one joke having Shooter McGavin is the perfect foil to a hero that gets beaten up by Bob Barker. This is arguably Adam Sandler’a greatest movie. Never again will his man child character feel so right or be so funny. “So just go to your home, are you to good for your home?”

2. White Men Can’t Jump – I had a tough time deciding if this was a comedy or not, rewatching it though it just had too many laughs in it to call it anything else. Billy Hoyle is one of the greatest characters put to screen.  Just remember, “You can’t hear Jimmy.”

1. Caddyshack – This isn’t just the best sports comedy ever, it’s the best sports movie ever period.  Bill murray. Chevy Chase. Rodney Dangerfield. Ted Knight. All at the top of their games. Everyone in this movie has an iconic moment of comedic brilliance. The humor is timeless, the actors legends. Nanana-nanana….we’ve all done it putting….

  J.Russell Zinn is a retired Jedi Knight and a professional beach bum. He has never left home without his towel. He has never met a buffalo wing he hasn’t fallen in love with, and hopes someday to successfully replace his blood with tequila.  He has been diagnosed with extreme obsession with football and  basketball , and vaguely remembers baseball from childhood.


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