Peter Wiseman’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft (Gif Edition)

1. Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett – Edge, Texas A&M

Unless someone offers them an irresistible deal to move up in the draft, the Browns would have to be absolutely out of their mind to pass up on Garrett. Edge rushers are the most coveted defensive  type of players in this eras’ NFL, and Garrett just so happens to be the best player at the position and in the draft.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Jamaal Adams – Safety, LSU 

Adams stock is rising at just the right time. General Managers don’t always reach this high for a defensive back. But, if there is anyone who knows how important having a superstar at safety can be, it’s John Lynch. This is a guy that can not only improve the 49ers play on their field, but he can affect the culture in the locker room as well.

3. Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky – QB, North Carolina 

We would all like to think that the Bears front office is too smart to gamble their team’s future on an overrated quarterback. However, we just watched them do if for many years now. Trubisky is gaining popularity and will be top-dog at the position by the time the draft rolls around, even though he had done nothing to prove he should be considered as a starter in the NFL.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Leonard Fournette – RB, LSU

To me, this is an absolute no-brainer. You have a quarterback and two receivers that have proven that they can be studs when the pressure is off of them. Fournette is ranked as one of the top running backs to ever come out of college. If he turns out to be even half the running back people are projecting, then he could turn this team into one of the top offenses in the league in his rookie year.

5. Tennessee Titans

Mike Williams – WR, Clemson 
The one piece the Titans seem to be missing on offense, is that number one type receiver that can turn into a consistent target for Marcus Mariota. This guy definitely has the skill set to be that guy in Tennessee for many years to come.

6. New York Jets

Jabrill Peppers- S, Michigan 

The Jets have a massive hole in their secondary. While it is highly improbable that anybody will be able to recreate Revis soon, they need to bring in someone who will bring the same type of flair to a team that is in complete rebuild mode. Peppers can do that. He projects as a NFL safety, but his athleticism and versatility could allow him to play a variety of positions on the pro level.

7. Los Angeles Chargers 

Jonathan Allen – DT, Bama

The Chargers defense is young and way better than most people think. Add this guy to the mix and you could have one of the top defenses in the league almost immediately. He can gash an offensive line and be in the quarterback’s face before he has time to react. The only reason why Allen could still be available here, is that scouts view Saban’s line as a run first lineman when the league is all about stopping the pass.

8. Carolina Panthers

Derek Barnett – Edge, Tennessee 

Some scouts are skeptical but others believe that the young end who broke Reggie White’s sack record may just be the best player in the draft. That whole scenario says Carolina Panthers to me. I believe they are the perfect situation for this kid to become a superstar in a hurry.

9. Cincinnati Bengals 

Corey Davis – WR, Western Michigan

Every year there is that player that played at a small school and dominated. This always makes everyone wonder how he would handle real competition. Well, Davis proved that he belonged against Wisconsin’s vicious defense. Cincinnati collapsed last season after losing both of their complimentary receivers. Davis could step in and help them start taking toward regaining the swagger.

10. Buffalo Bills

Deshaun Watson – QB, Clemson

This pick just makes more and more sense as we get closer to the draft. Watson needs a team that is already established for the most part and doesn’t need him to carry them. The Bills could  use a guy that’s mobile and can make the big play when needed. It could turn out to be a match made in Heaven.

11. New Orleans Saints 

Marshon Lattimore – CB, OSU

When six of your regular season games are against; Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Jamies Winston, you have to able to cover, which is a weakness for the Saints. Lattimore automatically brings them a guy who has the skills to go head to head against the best receivers in the league and shut them down.

12. Cleveland Browns

Ruben Foster – OLB, Bama 

Foster is the type of guy that can change the direction of a program and that is exactly what the Browns need. He has a high-speed, non-stop motor that he can bring to a squad desperately looking for an identity.

13. Arizona Cardinals 

Desmond King – CB, Iowa

It’s obvious that Arizona needs a cornerback, so taking King here fixes a couple of problems. It gives them a corner who’s tough enough to stop the run, yet athletic enough to make the big pays when they need them.

14. Indianapolis Colts 

Dalvin Cook – Running Back, FSU

Frank Gore is going to start to slow down one of these years, and the Colts are going to need a fresh set of legs at running back. Cook makes perfect sense here, both now and as a third-down back and in the future as the bell cow.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

John Ross – WR, Washington 

My only question with this guy is, why isn’t he way higher on most draft boards? He is the prototypical receiver in this day and age. He presents an endless array of possibilities to whichever team should draft him.

16. Baltimore Ravens

Solomon Thomas – Edge, Stanford

Solomon Thomas is considered a tweener in the NFL. He will most likely fall out of the top ten because of it. But, that works out perfectly for a team like the Ravens, who will take a risk and try to turn him into a star. He can probably play anywhere on the interior, but if you let him go outside, this monster will be hard to control.

17. Washington Redskins

Caleb Brantley – DT, Florida 

Washington needs a guy that can come in, shore the defensive line, and get pressure on the quarterback. This guy has the talent to do it and he isn’t lacking confidence at all. He is deceptively quick and effective in the pass rush.

18. Tennessee Titans 

Marlon Humphrey – CB, Bama

As shallow as this position is for the Titans, they need to try to get a veteran in through free agency to help out immediately. But, breaking in a tall physical young corner can’t hurt either. This kid has the potential and ability to start from day one.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Malik Hooker – S, OSU

The Bucs need someone to step up as a big time playmaker at the safety position, and this kid has shown he has the skills to do this. This pick would bring more versatility for a defensive unit that strives on being opportunistic.

20. Denver Broncos 

Ryan Ramczyk – LT, Wisconsin 

I see the Broncos shocking everyone and taking Ramczyk here. If it wasn’t for an injury, this would be no surprise. Wisconsin only produces top of the line prospects and this kid isn’t any different.

21. Detroit Lions

T.J. Watt – Edge,Wisconsin 
After the great season Watt had, it’s easy to ask, “What if he is as good as his brother?” That question is enough to encourage a team who is craving a star to step up. My advice would be to grab him before it’s too late. It’s a huge gamble, but the return could be even more rewarding.

22. Miami Dolphins

O.J. Howard – TE, Bama
The Dolphins seem to have every piece in place to have an extremely dominant offense besides a big time tight end. The Tide didn’t give Howard many opportunities to show off, but when they did, he was downright dominant. At 6-foot-5, he has the perfect size to be a dominant force.

23. New York Giants

Cam Robinson- Alabama, OT

This guy has made dominant plays which have people believing he is a first round talent. We’ve also seen him get beat a couple of times by speed rushers on the outside though. He’s going to need to work on his footwork in the offseason and spend time watching tape. But, there is no reason he can’t be a top tackle in the NFL.

24. Oakland Raiders

Teez Tabor – CB, Florida 

This is a big bodied kid with top end speed and agility of a smaller back. Tabor fits into all of the plans the Raiders have for the future. He could be the spark that puts them over the top this year.

25. Houston Texans 

Dorian Johnson – OG, Pitt

The Texans biggest problem on offense is at the quarterback position. That may be hard to fix directly due to the amount of money they have invested in their current one. A good way to help out indirectly, is by mending the holes in your offensive line and running the ball. Johnson could be an immediate asset in both of those areas.

26. Seattle Seahawks 

Garett Bolles, OG, Utah

The Seahawks are in desperate need of an offensive lineman. It’s an issue they have struggled with for a while now. The problem is though, the potentially most talented player in the draft is also the most raw. Bolles should definitely be a mainstay on some team for a long time to come. To start out though, his lack of experience could prove to be a liability.

27. Kansas City Chiefs 

Zachary Cunningham ILB, Vanderbilt 

Some players just seemed meant for certain teams, and these two appear to be a match made in Heaven. The problem for the Chiefs is that there is starting to be a buzz around this kid, which may make him start creeping up on draft charts.

28. Dallas Cowboys 

Tim Williams – Edge, Bama

This kid has the potential to be a monster at the NFL level. His pass rushing skills would bring talent to a definite area of need. To top it all off, his type of swagger seems perfect for Dallas.

29. Green Bay Packers

Adoree’ Jackson – CB/WR, USC

The Packers desperately need a cornerback and Jackson seems to fit the role of versatile hybrid type player that they covet. This kid has so much athleticism to offer to whichever team takes a gamble on him.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Gerald Everett- TE, South Alabama 

If Pittsburgh could add this weapon to an already ridiculously explosive offense, they would be virtually unstoppable. He is more of a wide receiver than tight end and has been compared to Brandon Marshall.

31. Atlanta Falcons 

Takk McKinley Edge, UCLA

His shoulder issue may cause him to fall a bit, but that probably won’t bother the Falcons. The last pass rusher they had to wait for ended up leading the league in sacks.

32. New England Patriots 

Christian McCaffrey RB, Stanford

This kid was built to play in Bill Belichick’s dink and dunk system. I would be very surprised if he doesn’t end up in New England.


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