Another Top Football Star Arrested

Oklahoma Sooners QB Baker Mayfield was arrested early in the morning hours of 2/25/17. He has been charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. According to an AP news report, “A preliminary police report said an intoxicated Mayfield first told an officer he was trying to break up an altercation, but that he later ”was yelling profanities and causing a scene” while the officer questioned another man. After Mayfield was tackled, he refused to put his arms behind his back and was eventually forced into handcuffs before being arrested, police said.”


Baker Mayfield courtesy FOX Sports

Mayfield finished third in the Heisman race last year. He soon announced his intent to return for his senior season in part because he had to fight for eligibility. After last seasons win over Oklahoma State Mayfield said, ”I’ve dreamed of playing at this place for too long,I fought for that extra year of eligibility for too long. I had everybody working on that. It’s not a feeling that I owe anybody that put the effort in. It’s just that we all did that for a certain reason.”

Now his senior season is up in the air as he faces a certain suspension from the Sooners. Will he be able to transfer and start for another program? Stay tuned as this is a developing story and more details will follow.


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