Would the Bills Seriously Get Rid of Tyrod Taylor?


We know that the Buffalo Bills aren’t the most well run organization in football. There are certainly worse ones, but the Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999—the longest playoff drought—which sort of speaks volumes. They’re quite competitive most years, but just unable to break through.

With that in mind, there have been rumors floating around since the end of the regular season that current Bills QB Tyrod Taylor may end up being jettisoned. For some reason. I feel like that would actually be a new low for them, because he’s probably the best QB the Bills have had during the playoff drought, besides Drew Bledsoe. That may not be saying much, but when you think about it, one has to realize there is basically no reason to cut him loose at this point.

Sure, they ended up finishing 7-9 and out of the postseason again. But let’s take a look at his stats. In 15 games this past season, he had 17 passing touchdowns, 6 rushing touchdowns… and only 6 interceptions. He made very few mistakes. Heck, he’s made very few mistakes in general; he has a career 34-12 TD-INT ratio in Buffalo (and 10 total rushing TD’s).

When a guy has stats like that and his team still finishes with a losing record, you probably have to look at the rest of the team for the blame. And while the defense was making it more difficult for the offense most of the time, most of the blame falls on Taylor’s supporting cast—or lack thereof. Sure, he had LeSean McCoy, but his WR corps were terrible this year. Sammy Watkins was injured for most of the year, and the next best receivers on the team were guys like Robert Woods, Justin Hunter, and Percy Harvin (who had to be lured out of retirement). It’s actually amazing they really got anything done with that horrible depth chart.

So let’s imagine what would happen if the Buffalo Bills kept Tyrod Taylor around as their QB, and picked up another good receiver to go alongside Sammy Watkins. Not to mention the running attack led by Shady McCoy and the dual-threat QB that is Taylor. They could actually potentially become a threat if they were able to get all of that right.

But then again, the Bills haven’t been able to get a whole lot right over the last several years. When they get one thing right, other things go wrong. Even if Taylor stays and they get another good WR, Watkins is still very injury-prone. And the defense could still end up being their undoing. There’s still a lot of things that could easily go wrong.

But the idea is to still try to get everything right anyway… right? If so, then why wouldn’t you keep your QB around who’s arguably the main reason (besides Shady McCoy) you even won 7 games in the first place? The fact that the head honchos in Buffalo would actually consider getting rid of him right now just baffles me.



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