Smokin’ Up the Kitchen

It all began on a kitchen stool, dangling legs that are no where near the floor. “You gotta use REAL butter, not that margarine stuff… It’s plastic.” My father was not only “World’s Greatest Dad”, but also “World’s Greatest Chef” in my eyes. Idolizing every movement, soaking in each turn of the whisk,” You gotta move your wrist like this because it gets more air in there.” My father was the primary cook of our family, and I was the best sauce pan watcher and the best big pot washer in all the land.

I was allowed to watch until I reached what my parents referred to as: the age of accountability. By the time I was allowed to use the stove, I thought I knew everything there was to know about planning and executing a five star meal. Turns out I knew everything there was to know about having the range turned up too high and scorching all that reached the eye.

Flash forward to now. I am 27, have a child of my own, I’m a professional cake designer, and I learned to “Turn that eye down, ‘fore you have the house smokin’ up!” Throughout the years, my relationship with cooking didn’t help my relationship with food. I saw the kitchen as a place of comfort, and I saw eating as a coping mechanism for the turmoils of life. It wasn’t until 2015 that my ex boyfriend and I decided to give my life a complete make over. I formed better habits that included making good decisions when it came eating and working out. It takes 28 days to make or break a habit so I took February off from work, and got into a routine of waking up early, working out, and taking my time to come up with a meal plan to follow.

After much online research, the best path for me was to stay away from processed foods, refined carbs, and refined or artificial sugars. In layman’s terms, that means that anything that tastes good! A paradigm shift was needed. My outlook had to go from trying to grudgingly except limitations and restrictions for the foods I loved, to coming up with creative alternatives that satisfied my palate.

I’ve lost 75 pounds since, and have maintained the new me for 2 years now. Since changing my diet and starting a consistent workout regimen, I’ve increased my natural energy, ability to focus, and my will power is through the roof! It was not easy, but over time, it has become second nature to me. People always want to know what it takes to reach a goal like that, allow me take you inside the mind of a former fatty turned fitness enthusiast who bakes cakes for a living and secretly obsessed with chocolate. Every day is struggle, but everyday we overcome!


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