Exposing the Murderer: Anakin’s Life of Crime!

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.” The sentence that grabs the hearts of fans everywhere every time a new Star Wars movie adds to the saga. Set up so that Luke looks like the protagonist who must kill his own father to end the conflict in the galaxy, the original trilogy spotlight was easily stolen by the bad guy turned good Darth Vader. Most fans had asked questions like: why the sudden change by the evil lord, how did Vader become the cyborg, and why was Luke exposed as his son? So Lucas Films Ltd created the prequel trilogy to answer these hard hitting questions.

The very first movie of the entire saga: The Phantom Menace gave the audience a glimpse of how the jedi were essentially the ambassadors/peace keepers across the galaxy. The fans were able to see the council in one of its purest forms, have the spotlight on a Jedi Master AND an apprentice, and even watch the Senate operate, but yet the main focus is still on young Anakin. This young slave worked with the Jedi, as his master wished, but would enter the Boonta Eve Classic after hiding the fact that he had never won a race from the Jedi. Yes, lying by omission is still lying. While in the race, he used his new exposed force powers to push himself to win the race. So keeping the spotlight on himself, although there was literally a galaxy of interesting characters, all by cheating during the race.

The second movie: The Clone Wars allows a visual masterpiece of an intergalactic war that is easily overshadowed by a love story. Padme and Anakin shared a relationship that is absurd by most fans and 100% forbidden by the Jedi code. The relationship is pushed even stronger when an assassin tried to kill her. The young Anakin then is ordered to protect Padme when he is moved to find his mother. He convinces Padme to go back to his home planet of Tatoonie, where he finds his mother who passed and decides to slaughter the sand people for capturing his mom. Next is where we finally see a villain who proves to be as absentminded as our spotlight stealer. In that same scene, we watch a murderer unfold out in front of our eyes.  Just another crime spree for our felonious wildcat.

Finally the third movie: The Revenge of the Sith grants a visual masterpiece of a Jedi v Jedi light saber battle. It also allows the epic saga to finally show us the rise of the Sith. We watch our supposed hero switch to a villain and commit even more violent crimes all through the film. A huge war is finally pushing to one side rather than the other and we get the miscreant weep to his forbidden wife after slaying the children that were attempting to train to become Jedi. When he couldn’t coax her to come with him, he left in hopes she would change her mind. Finally, she follows him and he notices, he hopes she actually was there for him. He then notices his former master, blames Padme for bringing him, and chokes her knowing she was pregnant.

After all the great ideas that were easy to produce, we, the audience, were forced to watch this monster. Even after all of these atrocious events, he still steals the show later on during the original trilogy AND now that Lucas Films Ltd. is making another trilogy, he is taking those over too. When will the audience finally get to see a character actually worth watching?


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