Exposed-The Secret Life of Drew Brees 

To those who know him, Drew  Christopher Brees comes across as an honest and upright man. He has a great image in the NFL, which he tries to uphold. The truth is, he has a dirty little secret. He’s been living a double life and hiding his true identity from the NFL and its fans, for quite some time now.

It’s time we expose him for what he truly is…

Brees has lead the NFL in passing yards five out of the last six years. In 2013 he was second to Peyton Manning with 5,162 yards.

In the entire history of the NFL, there have been only 9 seasons in which a quarterback has thrown for at least 5,000 yards. Brees has 5 of them and 4 other guys have one each. That means he has had one more 5,000 yard season then all the other QBs in the NFL combined.

Only 25 quarterbacks have ever thrown for over 4,429 in a season. Brees has averaged that in his eleven years in New Orleans. Eleven quarterbacks have thrown for at least 37 TDs in a single season. Brees has averaged that as a Saint.

To put it into perspective, Montana, who many consider the greatest quarterback of all time, never threw for more than 3,944 yards. Brees who barely ever gets mentioned hasn’t thrown for less than 4,388 in the past eleven seasons, which is an NFL record, and that was in 15 games.

Not a bad run for a guy who is too short to play as a pro quarterback in the NFL and who’s best  wide receiver was an undrafted free agent who nobody had heard of until Brees turned him into a stud.

Yet, this guy had never been rewarded an MVP and people laugh when I say  he is the best quarterback of this generation and on his way to being the best of all time.

Brees is the only QB to ever bring a Super Bowl to New Orleans and the only real stud player to play on the team besides Archie Manning.

He held the league completion percentage record  at an incredible 71.2% until this past season. He holds the record for most touchdowns in consecutive games with 54, and the most 400 yard games with 15. He is also tied for the most touchdowns thrown in a game with seven.

Brees leads the league with most passing completions per game,  in a career with 25.05. Most seasons with at least 400 completions, and highest completion % per year with 65.64%.

Yet, the league doesn’t want you to know how good Brees is; they give the praise to guys who have had a plethora of studly receivers like Manning, the best Coach and system and a number one defense like Brady, or Rodgers who isn’t even close to matching Brees’ numbers.

No matter which way you want to look at it, or even if he does everything to prove otherwise, there is only one thing for certain…

Drew Brees is a Bad, Bad man!


45 thoughts on “Exposed-The Secret Life of Drew Brees 

  • I’ve been a Saints fan for years and Drew Brees brings pride to the name of the New Orleans Saints and he has broken records and doesn’t actually like cam or others Drew is real MVP.

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    • I’m NOT a Saints fan. however this QB is awesome! he doesn’t get the notoriety of a “big gun” but this guy IS the BIG GUN! he’s a vertical QB and makes a lotta connections with his throws (which obviously go for big yards) and just WHY was he traded from San Diego (to get Phillip Rivers?). yep the Saints got the best of that deal by far! family guy too! wish him well on the remainder of his career; the most underrated QB in the NFL by far!


  • I was apprehensive about reading this article on one of my football legends (active). I was about to get pissed off at you for spreading what they like to call “Fake News” and was ready to refute and deny what you had to say (print). I love the way you wrote this article and I 100% agree with you that Drew Brees is one Bad, bad man. Actually he’s a Badass!

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  • If the Saints have had a consistently good defense then they would be almost unbeatable. Brees and Peyton have brought a very high powered offense to almost every game they have played. But the defense has failed to hold the opposing offense down.

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    • Kevin we had the same problem with Marino here at Miami. this guy threw yards and TD’s all over the place. but the problem was this gives the defense little time to rest their laurels. you need a running game too. a lotta times Miami lost because they never had the ball! because the defense couldn’t stop anybody. same problem here. it wasn’t lousy players. what it was you need lungs the size of BEARS and we ain’t made like that! are you losing games in the 2nd half even when you may have reasonable margins going into it? yeah, no lungs. probably be better throwing backups in there. watch NE they never get tired. what are they superman? no. these guys take lotsa refresher courses throughout the game. they need to.. even though Brady doesn’t have the “Brees” arm almost makes up for it as a “systemic” QB. personally Brees then Rodgers in my book.


  • Drew Finally Brought Louisiana into the Big leagues, However, Mort Anderson and Bobby Hebert. were the Starers, They only needed a coach to bring in the best of the best
    Thank You Sean Peaton. Louisiana Loves You


      • Tom Brady always had the BEST people around him consistently through the years. thank Belichek for that. put him here and he’d be an average QB. can’t handle pressure up the middle and does not run well. Brees can. why? Because Brees is like Stafford. big arm. Brady has never had a rifle like that. the best though was Montana. why? he could read the defense like no other QB before or since. yeah, quick brain that adjusted to adjustments. yeah a frikken robot out there. of course it helped to have Rice… however I think Fitzgerald is the best receiver of all time. also like Brees doesn’t get the notoriety. however if that ball even gets remotely near him he catches it every single time. awesome receiver. one tough hombre too. like Barry Bonds I loved to watch him do his thing.


  • Such a nice analysis of Drew Brees’ brilliant career. Also the fact that he is 38 years old and still playing at an elite level. I think he has at least 4 years left in him. Hoping and praying Drew Brees does what he said he wanted to do…….Retire as a Saint.


  • Archie was and is a class act. Drew Brees is the same. As pro quarterbacks, family men, father’s ,husbands,and parents. Look at Archies chi)dren, all class acts themselves. Drew kids will be th same. Both mom’s z
    Are also shining examples

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  • All that, but what is most important of all, he did it all with grace and class and sportsmanship. He’s not a prima donna jerk or whiny crybaby like some others. He’s no thug or disrespectful womanizer. The fact that Drew Brees is a shining example of football greatness pales in comparison to the fact that Drew Brees is an outstanding human being in every sense.

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    • yeah another guy in this Brees’s class is Emmit Smith. and how about Larry Fitzgerald? Far as I’m concerned these people are in a class all by themselves. not showy they just get their jobs done as professionals will little fanfare. well somebody brought these people up right so thank you Mom & Dad!


    • He has never been named MVP of the league even as he has broken every NFL passing and Quarterback record or close to doing so. He has steered the top 3 offense for his 11 years here in NOLA. Rodgers, Brady, Manning and others all get it, and this man breaks records every year and passes for 5000+ and they do not. He has never won this. His MVP you are talking about was the MVP of the Superbowl game.


  • rejected as a sandiego charger?? Even after air coryell and fouts no wonder sd is moving all head office is plain old stewpid even duct tape cant fix datcudda been sd’s bowl party but no,,,, spanos the toilet of the nfl autism?


  • I’ve been telling people that he IS the BEST IN NFL HISTORY and everybody says only one ring and it’s all about the numbers well they should look at the numbers that he has put up. Drew is the best ever. Who dat?

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  • I admired the psychological twist you put on this article which kept us captive. It’s a shame that we’re drawn to read a negative story opposed to a positive one. Thanks for keeping it honest.

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  • Well written Article. Drew Brees is not only a great QB but he is also a complete class act. He is known for working with other NFL QBs during the off season.

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  • The NFL needs to reward Drew Brees with an MVP award. Yet he is on the greatest team oa all the New Orleans Saints. We all know that the commissioner Rodger Goodell doesn’t like the Saints. He ( the commissioner) has his head so far up New England Patriots owners butt. That if Kraft where to fart Goodell would fill up like a balloon. Hell thats y Brady got only a 4 game suspension for Deflate Gate. Goodell did that so he wouldnt look like he is in Krafts back pocket. Y yall think they (Patriots/Belicheck) haven’t gotten in any trouble for all the other times they got caught cheating. The Saints got messed over when they got in trouble for paying their defensive players extra money for great hits and plays against the other teams and there quarter backs. Hey i know some of yall will say that the other teams quarter backs got hurt. A few had their carreers ended. I say its football a great gladiator sport. Getting hurt happens in this kind of sport. Drew Brees better be a first ballot HOF Hall of Famer. After he retires from this great game we call football. If he doesn’t get it the first time he is put on the ballot, then the commissioner should turn in his resignation. Geaux Saints! Who Dat Baby!!!


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