Why the WWE Needs to Bring Back Faction Wars!

degeneration x.jpg

For many years, especially during the attitude era, factions ruled the WWE. Groups like, Degeneration X, NWO, and the Bullet Club, ran the entire professional wrestling areas across the world. Due to the lackluster, (at least in my opinion), of singles competitions and the truly amazing match ups that could happen, the WWE absolutely needs to bring back faction wars. A few years ago, we watched the amazing group of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns join together to create a heart stopping faction called The Shield. They dominated tag teams and power bombed more people than necessary. This brought more excitement to the WWE than I personally have seen in the last five years. Now the WWE has a huge number game ready for a faction war!

16833305_410198792655983_470079690_o.jpgThe Authority, already seems to have a revamped faction ready to burst open at any moment, with Samoa Joe as their hit-man, and Kevin Owens as their champion. The WWE already has most of the Bullet Club, so that’s not too far fetched. The Shield members, have seemed to enjoy each others company once again and a re-engineered Nation of Domination, with our international superstars. Four huge factions that would easily dominate bringing huge fan numbers is a perfect idea for WWE.

Now, the Shield resurgence is already craved by fans, (if you haven’t heard the Bullet Club cries you may be deaf.) Both could be huge mixed factions; meaning both have their explosive moments like heels, but not pull away any fans at all. Plus, two dominate heel factions would finally give the push to Cesaro and Rusev that they desperately need. If there was a good time for these factions to be formed it would be now!16880540_410198182656044_1866204027_o

Soon after Wrestlemania, WWE will hold their draft once again. This means putting the factions together could be extremely easy. Also, there are rumors that both GMs for Raw and Smackdown, will be released for their personal reasons. Stephanie and Shane can bring in a couple of GMs that will be very vocal about bringing back Raw vs Smackdown wars. This will boost huge numbers and can set up the factions on opposite sides, which can boost ratings for both shows.


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