Sad Story In Sac Town Continues…

The same old sad story continues in Sacramento, who haven’t been relevant since the Bibby/Webber days.  This doesn’t look to change anytime soon and even the new arena on 500 David J. Stern Walk (that really is the name) can’t cover up the stench of this deal.

Sacramento loaded up, but what did they really get?  A first round pick (protected numbers 1-3), a second round pick, Langston Galloway (an un-drafted guard in his third year who has had shooting woes), Buddy Hield (the #6 pick guard in the draft who is flashing major BUST red flags all over), and Tyreke Evans (a quality NBA starter throughout his career).  Believe me when I say Kings’ fans do not want Evans back, as quality of a guard he is, he is always a reminder to them that he was another guard drafted a few picks before Steph Curry and DeMar DeRozan.  That’s just brutal.

Sacramento does get a few other advantages, including about $35 million in cap space this off-season to try to acquire talent, saved huge amount of money on not having to resign Cousins, and probably improved their locker room.  Yet, does anyone have any faith in Ranadive and Divac bringing in any quality players to NoCal with that cap space? I don’t.

Dell Demps hit a homerun on this move for the Pelicans.  Getting Cousins and Casspi is about as good as it gets.  I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Alvin Gentry and Anthony Davis (Cousins and Davis both went to Kentucky) get the best out of Cousins.  Getting a 28 points and 10 rebounds a game player with tremendous skills is always a great move.


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