Rivalry Sports and Entertainment: Time for a Change…

Even the most loyal Packers fan has to realize that this defense has been bad for a long time  and now it’s becoming downright pathetic. At points in the season, bad teams were taking shots downfield and gobbling up massive amounts of yardage with no problem at all.

Like him or hate him, and I’ll admit I’m a huge Capers fan, it’s only getting worse in Green Bay. Fans aren’t going to remember the big plays and huge stops the Packers defense made to draw them within one game of the Super Bowl. What they will remember, is the humiliation they experienced against the Falcons. It was downright embarrassing that a team who was knocking on the door of a Championship, got downright throttled.

In theory and on paper, Capers defense will torture and torment you until you submit. In this day in age, it looks tired and slow. You can’t really blame it all on Capers either, when his best cover guy for most of the season, was a fourth stringer.

Capers’ squad still could still be one of the tops in the NFL, they just need the proper personnel. You gotta remember, he’s not trying to stone wall teams, he hoping that the other team will get in a  shootout with Aaron Rodgers and make a game changing mistake, which pretty much happened in every playoff game in 2010 when the Packers made their playoff run. As a matter of fact, it looked for a minute like the Packers would be routed by the Falcons back then. Toward the end of the second half Rodgers led them down for the score and just enough of a lead to make Matt Ryan panic. Matty Ice try to thread the needle with a pass, but Tramon Williams stepped in front of it and took it to the house in what turned out to be a blow out for the Pack.

With B.J. Raji, Nick Collins, Desmond Bishop, Clay Matthews, Nick Barnett, Charles Woodson and Williams, that defense was great when healthy. This year’s squad had decent names, but not many with the same fire those guys had and even more injuries. It’s definitely time for a change.

First off, the Packers need to do something drastic about their injuries. Whether it’s the fact that they are drafting too many hybrids that aren’t the right size to compete at their positions or if they are failing to get the proper nutrition. It doesn’t matter who is on your roster if you can’t keep them healthy and on the field.

Next, they need to go get themselves a lock-up and shutdown corner. It seems like they’ve finally figured out that in order to win the big game instead of just making the playoffs, they are going to have to try to find a veteran playmaker. Julius Peppers and Jerad Cook have been great additions but they may have to make an even bigger splash than that. They definitely need to go defense again.

Yes, I’m serious. Dead serious actually! I know the Packers probably couldn’t find a way to afford JPP but imagine what it would do to their defense if they did. Either way they need to look to make some kind of a splash and fire this team back up to the level they were in 2010.
Yes, I agree with many Packers fans when they say something needs to be done about Capers….

Get the man some weapons.


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