Feminist vs Housewife??

Why is it these days we have to pick from being a feminist or being stuck in gender roles. Most lean towards being feminist these days because they think gender roles make women slaves to men. The way girls behave these days is so sad. They all just expect hand outs and don’t wanna do shit, but go party and get drunk. They don’t wanna learn to cook and they hate to clean. They leave everything for guys to do. Then they go and bad mouth the women that do that and say we are maids because we cater to our men. They not only expect the man to go to work, but they have to come home and cook them food and clean. All because they don’t wanna lift a finger. These days women strive to be like dudes and go around sleeping with every dude they can and think its cool to be able to out drink a guy. Girls think they should try to play games and screw over other dudes cause they feel if guys do it why can’t they. Come on, is that what it’s come down to??

Ive seen people close to me lose everything because their husband wants a divorce and they fell into the gender roles and didn’t work. They let the man be the bread winner and in the end stay stressing about what they would do now that the relationship was over. I’ve also seen loved ones not be able to keep a man because they fall into more feminist ways and don’t wanna do a thing for their man. Which in turn can leave the guy feeling uncared for. If a guy doesn’t feel cared about they won’t stay in the relationship leaving you alone. 

My thing is why do we have to pick from being one way or another?? Why can’t we take some of the old fashion ways and twist it with some new?? Take the positive from both to make wife material women. Maybe then in return guys will shape up and stop being f**kboys. They will learn to be respectable men because your giving them a reason to be better. To want to live up to your standards because you will be worth the change. I’m not saying guys shouldn’t help around the house either. But come on women instead of trying to pick up all the nasty things guys do like hoe around and playing games, you should be taking pride in the fact we are different. We are naturally more nurturing than men. (You know we are smarter too.) So lets get back to the days we catered to our man and we had morals and standards for ourselves. But lets twist it a little and go out and make our own money. Never rely on a man to take care of you. We should only want a man’s love, honesty and respect. Not their money and what they can give you. You should be able to support yourself if you are single or end up leaving a relationship. Not stressing over the fact he made the money and now what are you going to do. Women have the power to be strong and independent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be nurturing and cater to someone you love. In return men should help around the home from time to time. Romance your woman and spoil her. If you do so she will spoil you too. A relationship is all about team effort. No one is more superior then the other. To me its not about 50/50. It should be 100/100!!

“Real men didn’t need to beat their women into submission. We paid attention to what they wanted, and we gave them what they needed before they realized they needed it. We loved them and cherished them. In return, those women would make their men feel like fucking kings. Conquerors. Capable of anything. Always sounded like simple shit to me.”

Excerpt From: Lynn, Stacey. “The Nordic Lords MC.” iBooks.


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