AFC South Preview: Back to Being Relevant Once Again?

For many years, the AFC South was the Indianapolis Colts’ domain. Since 2012, only one team has been more dominant in a division than the Colts and that is the New England Patriots in the AFC East. Now, this division looks like they will be able to dominate their AFC North and NFC West opponents, considering that those opponents are on their schedule for next season. The Texans are only a quarterback away from a deep playoff run, the Titans just need to bolster their wide receiver corps to push their playoff hopes, the Colts need a pass rushing defense to be Super Bowl contenders again, and the Jaguars are extremely deep already, they just need to play like winners.

As I stated before, the Houston Texans are one good quarterback away from making a deep run in the playoffs. Last year, the team signed Brock Osweiler with the hopes he would be their guy. Unfortunately, he did not perform as well as they had hoped, something I personally knew was going to happen due to the history of backup quarterbacks getting huge contracts. Luckily for the Texans, they had a stellar defense even without JJ Watt. Once Watt returns, look out quarterbacks! Best case scenario for the Texans is to take a quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd round, create a huge quarterback controversy during the off season to either help Osweiler improve his play or go with the draft pick, and end up with an AFC championship appearance.

The Indianapolis Colts are led by an amazing duo of T.Y. Hilton and Andrew Luck. The Ghost and The General led a subpar team to a surprising 8-8 record last year. The offensive line needs a bit of tweaking and that can be taken care of in the draft, but this draft class is filled to the brim of defensive players. Chris Ballard would have to be an absolute moron to not be able to help the defense. If this offensive line grows a bit this off season, then this offense can be lights out. Best case scenario for the Colts would be to have a great draft that includes getting a new running back, have a decent free agency, and have a Super Bowl appearance.

The Tennessee Titans were one injury from making the playoffs and possibly even winning the division. Led by Marcus Mariota, along with Demarco Murray, the Titans are looking to improve their wide receiver corps and add a pass rusher to return to the dominant form they had achieved late in the season. Best case scenario for the Titans is for them to draft two massive defensive players with their first round picks and take a good wide receiver in the later rounds. If they do that, the division crown could be theirs for the first time in many years.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were a decent team until they needed to be good. Easily the youngest team in the NFL, this team has the talent to be stunning but apparently they do not have the drive. For starters, Quarterback Blake Bortles needs to step his game up. The defense is not too far fetched from being in the top 10, the wide receiver corps is decent, and the offensive line may need a new member or two. Best case scenario for the Jaguars is a new quarterback, a decent free agency, and a playoff appearance.


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