Five NFL Teams Who Have No Chance of Making the Playoff in 2017

Chicago Bears

I’ve been saying for years now that the Bears will continue to be garbage as long as they keep Jay Cutler at the helm. Yet, they are nice enough to give everyone else a leg up, while Chicago struggles in the tough NFC North. One by one their stars are disappearing and the Bears look weaker and weaker, all the time. The Bears need to draft a QB or go hard after one of the Free Agents.

Cleveland Browns

This one is obvious. No matter what kind of moves they  make this off-season, there is no hope of them making the playoffs. They just have way too many holes all over this entire team. They were very competitive in some of the games they lost last season, but not enough to crawl all they way back from 1-15. There is a culture change starting to take place in Cleveland though, because they finally have a key piece to build around. Terrelle Pryor is a beast and if they can get someone to throw him the ball and start building their defense, they could start to be fun to watch very soon.

Los Angeles Rams 

San Francisco 49ers

It pains me to think of the 49ers as anything but that powerful dynasty that everyone feared for so long. Right now they are nothing, and it doesn’t look like that will change in the near future.They need an identity. They need someone to step up and take the reigns but it just isn’t happening. The play-makers that they have are injury prone and the rest cant do enough to make this team anything but mediocre.

Cincinnati Bengals

Nobody saw this team collapsing as hard as they did. For that very reason, I’m guessing a lot of people will predict them to bounce right back into the playoffs. I don’t see that happening at all. Andy Dalton and A.J.Green are beast at their positions but they can’t do it alone. The defense has been destroyed more by a false reputation than an actual lack of talent and play on the field.



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